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Pastor's Message

A Monthly Message from our Pastor

August's Message

Greetings All,

In a recent study (Ezekiel 33) God reminded Ezekiel of his calling to be a watchman (3:17) over the house of Israel, specifically the Judahites who were

currently exiled in Babylon. If Ezekiel follows through with his responsibility and warns the people, he will not be held accountable for their negative response to his warning. If Ezekiel does not follow through with his responsibility to warn the people, he will be held accountable for not warning them.

There were two aspects of Ezekiel’s calling to be watchman over the people. The first was his responsibility to warn the people of coming danger, the danger

concerning their spiritual well-being. As watchman over the people Ezekiel was to warn them of unpleasant truths, which they did not want to hear. In Jeremiah 6:17 the LORD says to the people, “I set watchmen over you, saying, ‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet (warning)!’ But they said, ‘We will not listen.” So, the people had chosen instead to listen to the false prophets that spoke comforting lies. The second aspect of Ezekiel’s calling as watchman over the people was their responsibility to receive Ezekiel’s warning. If the people do not listen (Jeremiah 6:17), then they are responsible for their response, and their blood will be on their heads (33:4). They are guilty of ignoring God’s word for them.

How are you responding to the warnings given to us from the Holy Scripture, God’s word? Are you choosing to respond like the Judahites, to listen to the

comforting lies, that come from the father of lies, the devil? Or are you responding to the warnings given to us from the Holy Scriptures that you may live? Remember it is the word of God that we are to feed on and be nourished with that gives life, life everlasting. Feed on the word of God and take heed to its warnings, that you may live.

"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds

from the mouth of God."" – Matthew 4:4